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Registering on is an easy process. Simply choose a username, password and enter your email address. Remember, you must be 18 or over to use this website. Then just fill out a single profile page upload a few photos of yourself, videos, voice recordings and/or blogs if you choose. Once they are approved you are on your way to create and/or bid on date auctions.
Create A Free Date Auction

To create your free date auction you must first choose your favorite charity. This charity will be the benefactor of your date auctions. If you are not sure or need to research the charities before choosing, we suggest few sites to help you decide. Remember, the proceeds go to your favorite charity and not to you. You may change your favorite charity if you choose to later on.

Setting up your own date auction is quick, simple, and lets your profile stand out from the crowd. Choose the number of days you want your date auction to run, a starting bid price, a reserve price, a set date price, minimum offer price and more. From the bids and offers you receive, you have the final say on who will go on a date with you. You can decide to go on a date with the highest bidder, lowest bidder, any bidder or no one. You could even choose more than one date auction winner.
Bid On Date Auctions

In order to be able to bid on date auctions, you first need to setup your auction wallet. Your credit card does not get charged. It’s fully secure, fast and easy. Please note that you are only obligated to pay for date auctions that you win to go on a date with. So if you are not the auction winner, you don’t pay.

Also if you are running your own date auction, you can bid on other people’s date auction for free. Otherwise, there is a monthly subscription fee to participate on auction bidding.

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