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img After a long marriage, I found myself back in the dating game. My girlfriends tried to help, but their matchmaking efforts fell…well… a bit short…lol! Oh, and they tried to get me to go to the “meet markets” with them and, although had some fun a couple of nights, it seems those were the nights when I didn’t get bothered by annoying men. So I tried my hand at Internet dating. I looked through the sites and, boy did I find lots of them. But really, they were all the same, except they either targeted a specific religious groups, specific age group, specific ethnicity or creed, or the men were alleged millionaires. Ha! Right… I fell for that one; all the men claimed to be wealthy and earn hundreds and thousands of dollars every month. But it was all just lies embedded in their profile. One guy I dated for months was not only not wealthy, but he was on unemployment. The only wealthy man I dated from there was about the cheapest man I ever met.
Then I found one that doesn’t discriminate against anyone for their culture, creed, sexual orientation or income. But it does weed out the jerks. The site is CharityDateAuctions.Org and I joined it because they hold auctions and the person who wins the date with me donates to the charity of my choice before they get to date me. And knowing that, I feel secure that I will be dating someone who is kind, sincere… and not on food stamps.
Mary R.img

img I’m a single mother of an autistic child I don’t go to singles bars and rarely go anywhere to meet people because my son needs his mommy and I certainly don’t need a man who needs me to be his mommy, too. I’m looking for a man who’s good with children. Frankly, when I tell men that I have an autistic son, they usually run. Some run away before they even know that he’s autistic. Well, it’s good that they run, so that I don’t have to chase them away.
A few months ago, I concluded that there just aren’t any good men out there who could be a good step-father, or even a good role model, for Derek. I hate to say it, but all of the men that I met with from the other dating sites only wanted, well… you know… They are so stingy, self-absorbed and care only about themselves. Well, these are not the kind of people I want to know, but it’s all I was meeting. Like I said – frustrated.
Last month, I read about this site called CharityDateAuctions.Org and I was intrigued because it sounded so different from all of the dating sites that I’d seen. I gave it a try. I put myself up for auction and not only did I meet a man who has been wonderful to my son (and has a daughter whom he’s been raising since his wife passed away), but I even raised $1,000 for Ronald McDonald House Charities who were so wonderful to me while my son was being treated at the hospital. I am so grateful for all the wonderful things that CharityDateAuctions.Org that I can’t express it in words. Thank you!
Claire T.img
img Hi, I’m Caroline. I’m a single woman from northern California. I’ve been frustrated with dating Web sites, so I started searching Google for a new place to try meeting people. Oh, I found lots of them and they were all the same. There was nothing to differentiate one from the other and I was getting just as frustrated as I was with the sites I had a profile on. I knew that I would be lumped in with a million other women and that no good men would respond, but then Google came through for me and introduced me to CharityDateAuctions.Org! Finally, a dating site that is different; I like to call it the dating site with a heart.
What I’m looking for is a successful and generous man. I’m not a gold digger, but I want to know right from the start what kind of man I am going out with. To do this without looking like a gold digger, I’m using CharityDateAuctions.Org and I’m helping a great cause and hopefully my brother, as well. Rescue Mission Alliance is a charity that has helped my brother since he became homeless and I always wanted to be able to give him more help than I was able to give. Now, thanks to CharityDateAuctions.Org, I can give him something more than I possibly could with the money that I make at work. And I get to meet a kind, generous and handsome man in the process!
I am so happy! Thank you Google!
Caroline J.img
img I was really apprehensive about joining CharityDateAuction.Org because I’d been to all those other dating sites and. I gave up. Then one of the girls from the animal shelter where I volunteer had raised over $1,000 for the shelter and I asked her how she was able to raise so much money. She said she auctioned herself off on CharityDateAuction.Org. At first, I thought that sounded creepy, but then she told me that she got to pick the guy who she would go out with after they bid. So I checked it out. And she was right! Not only did I get to pick which bidder could go out on a date with me, I even got to tell CharityDateAuction.Org which guys could bid on me before the auction began. I thought it was going to hurt the shelter because I only let ten men bid, but I had a lot of bad experience on other sites. I couldn’t have been more wrong! One guy bid $10,000 just to go on a date with me, but after I had them do a background check, I chose another guy. His name is Don and he is the nicest man ever! Sometimes I feel bad for not picking the other guy, but Don is the sweetest man and He’s even donated more money to the shelter since we started dating! Kim S.img
img I’ve been on all the old dating sites, and I have read through thousands of profiles, and sent hundreds of emails. Although, I read each profile individually, and sent each lady a personalized email, I rarely got a response. Even the few that reply are never serious enough to go on a date. I have wasted thousands of hours, and have gone on very few date on all that time. Now with CharityDateAuction I can meet women that are want to date, and share my desire to help the less fortunate.
I am not the richest man on the site, and it makes me feel better knowing that even if my bids are not the highest, the girls whom I am bidding can still pick me based on how they feels about what I have written on my profile.
Tom A.img


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