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Those who aren’t only interested in themselves

The Internet dating site that appeals to those who aren’t only interested in themselves.

Are you one of the 60% of singles who’ve never joined a dating site? Or are you one of the 40% who have joined multiple dating Web sites, but never found your match? Do you consider yourself a charitable person? If you want to be part of something more, something with a heart, then please read about CharityDateAuctions.Org, as it is different from anything you’ve seen before.
CharityDateAuctions.Org is not simply about helping you find dates. It is set up to help charities generate income and help charitable people find people others who are interested in helping to give to those who need help.

CharityDateAuctions.Org is the Internet dating site that appeals to those who aren’t only interested in themselves. While you, the member, will get much from CharityDateAuctions.Org (the chance to meet people whose interests and caring levels are equal to your own), the big winners are the charities. Many of the people who put themselves up for auction on the site do so because they want to help a charity, but can’t afford to give the amount of money they feel that they need to give. So they get someone to assist them… and they get to go out on a date with an altruistic person who has interests similar to their own.

We at CharityDateAuctions.Org know that many of the 60% of singles who aren’t on dating Web sites are afraid of the stigma of looking “desperate” enough to look toward the Internet to find dates, but many of our members are here because they want to help their charities while having fun doing so. Many others are here because they know that our members are good people who want to give of themselves to help those less fortunate. Still others are here because they know that they can order a background check of anyone with whom they plan to date.

All contributions are tax deductible and are sent directly to the charity through a secure and respected processor. CharityDateAuctions.Org doesn’t receive one cent of the money that is donated to the charity! Your information is safe with us. We are VeriSign secured and PCI compliant.

If you are looking for a change that will benefit you, your date and those in need, then sign up now.

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