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How to choose your favorite charity

jar With more than 1.6 Million non profit organizations featured on, it can be a challenge to sort out which charity deserves to be your favorite. Your favorite charity receives the proceeds of your date auctions. Even though you may designate a different charity as your favorite at any time except when there is at least one bid or offer on your date auction, it is important to choose and represent a charity that its missions matter to you and the money raised gets well spent.

There are plenty of bogus charities out there, as well as many legitimate but wasteful or ineffective ones. It’s worth doing a little research to make sure your date auction proceeds are put to good use.

The following are some tips to gauge weather the non-profit organization you are considering choosing as your favorite charity is legitimate and fulfilling its mission by making an impact on people’s lives.

Look for evidence of widespread results, not just a heartwarming story about an individual whom the charity helped. If you know the organization and you know their work, you will know with some degree of confidence that the contributions you raise by going on dates will be put to good use.

Check out the charity’s latest annual report so you can assess where the money is going. A charity website that is little more than an opportunity to donate online should raise red flags.

Find out about the percentage of the overall budget spent on programs vs. administrative costs. The organization you’re eyeing to elect as your favorite charity should be upfront about how donated money is spent. When evaluating a charity consider accountability and transparency of the non profit organization. Find out what percentage of your dollar goes towards the actual charitable services it provides, vs. the amount spent on costs like administration or fundraising. recommends choosing a charity which at least 70% of the donation goes to the charitable endeavor itself.

Make sure the charity is the one you think it is. Be on the lookout for charities that use names that look or sound like those of established organizations.

We recommend that the favorite you choose has a working phone number and mailing address. You might consider taking a few minutes to call up a charity before selecting it as your favorite. Make sure you get a live person on the phone and then ask some basic questions about the charity’s purpose. You should feel comfortable in asking the charity to define their short-term and long-term goals.

Once you’ve settled on choosing your favorite charity that addresses a cause that tugs at your heartstrings, in a way that best addresses your needs, then you are ready to create your date auction.

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